Types of Towels you should aware of!!

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Can you realize the blissful bathing experience without the soft Towels?

After indulging in Work-outs can't you think about the towels to dry off?

Can you get away from the Messy kitchen without the help of Towels?

Can you pack your vacation bag without allocating space for towels?

It's true that we couldn't come across the day without meeting Towels. “Towels” are indispensable fabric for our skin and dirty surfaces.

“Absorbency” is the major feature that let towels be preferable for various domestic and commercial purposes.

Natural fibers (like cotton) and synthetic fibers (like polyester) are the main sources in towel manufacturing. That fibers count of a towel is commercially known as “Thread Count”. Thread count is directly proportional to the absorbency, softness, and Durability of the Towel.

Types of towels you should know:

Have you ever thought that what number of towels occupied your home?

If not think about that, you will realize that “Towels” are come with “many disguises”to do various tasks.

You could find more than 20 kinds of Towels in the online stores for distinguished purposes. This blog is going to discuss the kinds of towels you must aware of.

1) Face Towels:

Face Towelsor washclothsare the tiniest members of the Towels Family. These towels have direct contact with face skin to remove the moisture and Makeup. Handy washcloths are soft and plush to wipe faces. Through gentle rubbing, face towels remove the dead skin cells to enhance the face glow.

2) Hand Towels:

Compared with washcloths, Hand towelsare a bit Lengthy and fit into the hands. As its name indicates, Hand towels manufactured to dry off hands. Generally, Hand towels are placed nearby the Washbasin to dry hands after the hand wash. It is also used for wiping kitchen spills and holding hotpots.

3) Bath Towels:

The Most Common towels are lengthier than washcloth and Hand Towels. Buy the right towels is a crucial task because of the tons of choices. It determines your lifestyle. Among the multiple choices, we prefer Soft, Fluffy, and Long –lasting towelsrather than rough towels.

4) Gym Towels:

It's a common ethic to pack towels in the Gym back bag. We sweat a lot in the gym. Wet towels are prone to microbial growth and a stinky smell. For avoiding that, gym towels dry soon and it has an antimicrobial element to stop the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

5) Microfiber towels:

“Microfiber“ -Synthetic fiber similar to hair strand. Split microfibers knitted altogether to fabricate high-absorbent towels. These lint-free towelswill be in the shopping cart for household cleaning activities. Microfiber Towels can wipe the dust off from each and every corner of your home. Different kinds of microfiber towels listed in the online stores for various cleaning tasks.

We never give a thought about Towels. But it occupies a large part of our day. I hope this blog will make you think that it’s very essential to fill the closet with the right kind of towels!!In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

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